A Parker Pal Pro-Tip: If You Say It Then Show It!


So, you have a business idea or a great product and you're ready to launch your brand in Lake Charles, Louisiana. You probably have some fantastic ideas about how you should do that, but you want to stay focused on your product or service. You're looking for a Lake Charles advertising agency or graphic design team to help you execute your ideas. Maybe you'd like a series of videos to generate interest around your unique team, product or service. Our pro-tip is to make sure your Southwest Louisiana advertising agency actually does what they say they do. It is unfortunate, but many times creative agencies will mine their creative service line-up from other successful teams in hope that they will get the experience needed to back up the offering. It's a type of on-the-job training agency—a paper tiger—and we advise pumping the breaks before you place your new brand under that type of care.


It's as simple as this; if the team you're contacting says they offer video & photography services, ask to see examples of their work. If the team says they manage social media, ask to see case studies with results. If they offer graphic design & printing services, ask to see tangible working examples. Any Lake Charles advertising agency, marketing, or graphics design team should have samples of their work available on their website. Even young graphic designers or videographers will have portfolios that are full of spec work. Cleverly crafted words and SEO skills might get you there, but it's all little more than window dressing without the work. Having a great advertising account executive is a benefit to any brand, especially one that has your best interests at heart, but true brand stewardship moves well beyond curb appeal and the front door. It means actually producing quality marketing materials with expert skill, not just saying that you do. Remember this, when you're looking for a Lake Charles advertising agency, follow the work. The team you choose to help you build your brand should have their fingerprints all over existing marketing materials in the region you are trying to go to market.

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