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The other side of transformation

Oran Parker
Oran Parker

If there's one marketing mistake that I've seen made time and time again it's pulling the plug on an advertising campaign before it's had a chance to truly find legs. If I'm being honest, then I have to admit that it actually makes me feel a bit sad because I know what comes after the campaign is canceled.


You see, running a successful brand building  campaign has everything to do with letting people know who you are, but in a medium sized market like ours the budgets are quite modest, which is only part of the reason a young business might pull a fresh campaign.


A brand—young or experienced—still has to let the public know about what they offer, and to do that you need some marketing dollars and a plan of action (I talk about this a bit here). But what I find is that advertising (or communicating) is looked upon as an expense rather than an investment, and that's what I'd like to see change.


Marketing and brand building—not unlike many other things in life—take the proper amount of time. How much? Well, that's different depending on what you're trying accomplish. Wine, whiskey, cheese, sunk cypress; these are all examples of things that come out the other side of the waiting. These things become something new, they are transformed by staying the course, and arguably, they are better, because they are allowed to go through this natural process. I'm challenged to think of anything worth noting that doesn't follow this rule, from maraschino cherries to the jar of dill pickles in my refrigerator. If you want the reward on the other side of transformation, you have to let it soak.

Half-pickled isn't a thing

Making a delicious dill pickle requires a bit of work. I think about the ones that my mother and grandmother make at home, and it's easy to see patience and planning pay off. It's common knowledge that pickles start their lives as cucumbers (if you don't know this, then I'm sorry). Well, if it takes cucumbers to make pickles then the first thing you have to do it grow them, and once you've grown them you still have a lot to do before you've got a crunchy dill. Seasoning, spices, dill, peppers; you've got to put that all together and go through the canning process, and then you've got to let that cucumber soak, and soak good. Then, one day, you'll be able to crack open that seal and pull out the salty, green prize.


I know this is a strange way to make a point, but it's relevant. If you're going to build a brand, if you're going to invest time and money into a marketing plan, if you're going to hire a creative team of professionals to assist in your efforsts, you've got to give it time to get its legs. That cucumber has got to soak. Pull it out to early and you'll end up with a vinegar drenchedt, not-so-delicious, half-pickled cucumber. Look, if half-pickled cucumbers were a thing then someone would have jarred them up and slapped a label on them by now.

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