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“There’s really no better feeling than knowing you’ve used your skills to help another brand succeed.” -Oran Parker

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In the heart of Southwest Louisiana, nestled by the lakeside, Parker Brand is making waves in the advertising scene. Founded by Oran and Michelle Parker, both hailing from families of small-business owners, this dynamic duo brings a wealth of entrepreneurial spirit and creative expertise to the table.


Oran's journey into advertising began with owning a small sign company in North Louisiana before making the leap back to the lake area to reinvent his career. Michelle, on the other hand, honed her skills in various advertising agencies and production companies in the region. Together, they saw an opportunity to revolutionize the local creative market.


"Combining our experiences and talents helped us develop ideas on how to run an effective creative agency in this market," Oran explains. The duo identified deficiencies in the creative landscape and crafted innovative processes to address them. By leveraging their skills and insights, they devised strategies to cater specifically to small businesses with modest advertising budgets—a segment often overlooked.


Parker Brand's success lies in its commitment to smart growth strategies. "It's extremely important for our business to grow smart," Oran emphasizes. By staying nimble, keeping expenses in check, and maintaining high creative standards, they've not only sustained but flourished. This approach has resonated with small business clients seeking personalized and impactful marketing solutions.


Operating in uncertain economic times presents unique challenges. Oran acknowledges that advertising is typically the first budget item to be slashed. Despite this, Parker Brand thrives by delivering top-notch creative work at affordable rates. "Surviving comes down to how good your service or product is and how willing you are to work hard for your brand's success," Oran asserts.


One of the most rewarding aspects of their work, according to Michelle, is empowering small businesses to build better brands. "There's really no reason a small business can't look great," she explains. Through effective advertising, they provide hope and tangible results to their clients, fostering growth and success within the community.


"We take a very realistic view of our business and what it's all about," Oran reflects. Meeting deadlines and managing projects efficiently are paramount in their industry. Every challenge is viewed as an opportunity for growth and improvement, ensuring that Parker Brand remains at the forefront of creativity and professionalism.


For aspiring entrepreneurs, Oran offers sage advice: "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something." He encourages thorough planning and a steadfast commitment to the vision. While there are risks in starting a business, calculated steps and unwavering dedication can turn dreams into reality.


Parker Brand is not just an agency; it's a testament to perseverance, creativity, and the unwavering belief that small businesses can thrive. With their innovative approach and client-centered philosophy, Oran and Michelle are shaping the future of advertising in Southwest Louisiana—one successful campaign at a time.


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Parker Brand Creative Services is a premier advertising team based in Louisiana that serves the marketing needs of businesses and brands across the Nation. We specialize in graphic design, branding, logo design, video production, package design, social media management, advertising communications, and media placement.