Cheers to the Brand Builders!

The Parker Brand Punch goes out to the business owners, brand builders, deadline beaters, and all of the creative warriors that tirelessly keep quality at a black label level. You're the marketing vanguard that keeps the economy moving. So, chill a mug, mix up your batch of Parker Brand Punch and get those creative juices flowing!

Making Parker Brand Punch is EASY!

To make Parker Brand Punch you'll need:

• 3oz of Bayou Rum Spiced

• 1oz of Triple Sec

• 4oz of Gingerale

• 1oz of Sweetened Lime Juice

• 1.5oz of Pineapple Juice

• 3oz of V8 Mango-Peach

• Garnish with a slice of Orange & a sprig of Mint


1. Rim the edge of your frost Parker Brand mug with orange and pure cane sugar.

2. Fill your mug with ice.

3. Pour in the ingredients.

4. Stir.

5. Garnish with orange and mint.

6. Enjoy!

Parker Brand Punch Recipe Download
Parker Brand Punch - Recipe Card.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB

Do you want a Parker Brand Punch mug?

If you want your very own Parker Brand Punch mug, then this could be your chance. We're giving away 24 mugs between December 5, 2013 and March 31, 2014.


All you have to do for a chance to win is share a link to this page on your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed or Google + with the hashtag #BRANDUP in the post. Every post is an entry, so post as often as you like.


We'll scan the #BRANDUP hashtag and choose our 12 winners from the posts.


Think sideways. Push forward. Brand up!

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