Creative Cornerstones

Research & Planning

The key to keeping your creative effective and on budget is project bundling. Project bundling ultimately means a better creative services rate for you. We streamline this bundling process by taking the right first steps at the very beginning.


We take extra care to involve the client in the creative process, making certain to keep open communication channels which allows for crucial project details to develop early on, creating cornerstones that give your creative project the proper foundation for development.


It's imperative that proper research and planning be accomplished during the beginning stages of any creative project that we assign our services to. We take the time to learn about your business by observing your operations, and identifying existing customer habits.


This cornerstone might seem simple, but it is often overlooked, leaving crucial voids of information that we need to do the very best job for you. That's why it's at the top of the Parker Brand list when it comes to creative project management.


Creative Development

The information discovered at the very beginning helps determine which actions steps need to be taken to get your project moving, and detailed project management means more efficient movements, which will save you time and money.


The Parker Brand uses a time block method which means your project momentum remains constant, avoiding the pitfalls of creative burnout.


By outlining a list of actions associated with your creative projects we are nearly able to guarantee that progress will be made in an efficient and timely manner.


Essentially, your project won't lose traction, moving forward at a constant development that keeps your creative project on deadline.


Strategic Implementation

Our prime directive is for your project to be moving toward a purpose, or goal. That's why we take the time to step back and view the long plan, allowing all the pieces to fall into place.


This creates the ground on which a successful communication strategy is built, and defines how the tools generated by your creative projects will be used.


We determine what our goals are, what tools are needed to accomplish them, and how we'll put them into action once their created.


It's imperative that this cornerstone be put into place before beginning, as it keeps every aspect of your creative project oriented towards specific goals.