Louisiana Pirate Festival Logo To Appear on NCIS: New Orleans

Louisiana Pirate Festival - Graphic Design Lake Charles Louisiana
The New Louisiana Pirate Festival Logo - Design by Parker Brand Creative Services
Graphic Design Lake Charles
A delegation of Lake Charles Buccaneers, officials from the Louisiana Pirate Festival, the Southwest Louisiana Film Commission and members of the SWLA community worked with NCIS New Orleans to create a pirate festival scene for an upcoming episode.

Lake Charles Louisiana Pirate Festival to be Showcased on NCIS New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. (February 22, 2018)—The Louisiana Pirate Festival will be featured on an NCIS New Orleans segment on Tuesday, March 13.  Officials from the nonprofit organization and Lake Charles Buccaneers jumped into full gear to assist with recreating a pirate festival scene in New Orleans in early February for NCIS New Orleans when producers from the show reached out to both the Louisiana Pirate Festival in Lake Charles and the Southwest Louisiana Film Commission earlier this year.


“An opportunity like this does not present itself every day. We pulled together a group of Buccaneers, and we worked with NCIS to provide what they needed for the show. The Louisiana Pirate Festival logo will be used throughout the scene, and many of our local pirates will also be featured along with our Buccaneer float,” said Michelle McInnis, project manager for the Louisiana Pirate Festival.


The airing of the NCIS New Orleans show with the Louisiana Pirate Festival scene will take place on Tuesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. CST.


“The Southwest Louisiana Film Commission worked with NCIS New Orleans, the Louisiana Pirate Festival as well as Parker Brand Creative Services for the logo artwork to be used on props and merchandise for the festival scene. The event was a success, and the Louisiana Pirate Festival will be broadcast on a national TV show. It was a win-win,” said Cindy Johnson, project manager for the Southwest Louisiana Film Commission and Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau (LC/SWLA CVB). 


March 13 is a big day for the Louisiana Pirate Festival for another reason as well. That Tuesday, members from the Louisiana Pirate Festival Board of Directors will also announce exciting plans for the May 3-13 cultural celebration that will include top-notch entertainment and expanded activities such as the Louisiana Pirate Festival Costume Ball and the Louisiana Pirate Festival Parade Extravaganza, both new additions to the lineup of events.


Cindy Johnson attended the filming in New Orleans on behalf of the Southwest Louisiana Film Commission. Others who participated on behalf of the Louisiana Pirate Festival delegation include Mark LaVergne, Jimmy Bastow, Joe Vezina, Butch Faust, Ken Savant, Wayne Muzzy, Michelle McInnis, Jackie Bastow, Chris Trahan, Edwina Medearis, Denise Savant, Sandra Dartus and Russ Grantham.


Edwina Medearis, LC/SWLA CVB board member and owner of Medearis Costumes; Mark LaVergne, LC/SWLA CVB board member and 2017 Jean Lafitte; and Lake Charles Buccaneers provided pirate attire for the delegation in addition to props to create the scene, such as items for merchant vendors. 


For more information on the Louisiana Pirate Festival, event forms and applications, log onto www.louisianapiratefestival.com.

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