Taking Direction: Classic. Current. Unexpected.

Original thumbnail from brainstorming session shown next to finished cover design.
Original thumbnail from brainstorming session shown next to finished cover design.
We recently completed a new membership brochure design for the Lake Charles Symphony. I'm particularly fond of this layout and concept because the client was clear that they needed an image did the following; honor the generations that have supported them, inform that they are also contemporary, and always evolving into unknown territory to stay relevant toot seen audiences. There you go; past, present and future. 

I tasked Chad Blankenbaker with creating an original design based on our meeting. Design a violin, painted in a classic style, transforming into a loose, contemporary painting with unique, loose colors, then morphing to an original, unfinished blue-line drawing of the same violin. 

The words had to reflect this original piece; classic, current, unexpected. Everything had to echo the notes from our original client meeting, and we believe it does. The client made few edits to our concept, copy and layout. What you see is a piece that is 95% true to our original idea.
You'll probably see a lot of ads or print materials with the cover design. We were not tasked with creating these pieces, and while it is strange to see our original design fit into other formats, we are very happy that it is being seen. This piece is a testament to good note taking, better brainstorming, solid whiteboarding, and talented design. 
Thank you, Lake Charles Symphony, for giving us a turn at creating something special for you. Thank you, Chad Blankenbaker, for working to bring this idea to like. -Oran Parker

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    Chad Blankenbaker (Sunday, 07 September 2014 17:44)

    It's rare that you get a chance to work on something outside the norm, and this was one of those chances. I very much look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate on something so different. Thank you Lake Charles Symphony, and collaborator, Oran Parker!

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    Megan Alexander (Monday, 19 January 2015 07:54)

    I absolutely love the design for the Lake Charles symphony. It reads classical and soft when at the same time a hidden sense of excitement soon to be revealed. Much like the experience when watching your favorite band play live..or in this case.. Symphony. Well done. As an artist myself with a huge passion of designing, I really love the artwork and use of color and design to portray everything you feel and think about the Lake Charles Symphony.

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