Lake Charles Advertising Agency Launches 7 New Logos

Creative Guns Blazing

Lake Charles Advertising Agency

Parker Brand Creative Services—the premier logo and graphic design team of Southwest Louisiana—has headed straight into the heat of summer with all of thier creative guns blazing. Admist their entire spectrum of advertisng campaigns produced month-after-month, the Parker Brand team still finds time to shine against their own work in the logo design arena.


"We work really hard to bring our customers what they want regarding design," says Oran Parker (the owner and creative director at Parker Brand) ",but we always make sure to put something special in as well; something that they didn't expect. I'm convinced that's why we've been so busy with logo design heading into the summer months. It's out there in the Lake Charles, Louisiana community that there's no need to pay more and settle for less, when you can bring our team in instead. If you want a custom logo design that's creative, effective and built right—something that will stand the test of time—then Parker Brand Creative Services is the brand to build it."


Some of the more recent logo designs produced by Parker Brand Creative Services includeRac-Em-BacGrosse Savanne Eco-ToursCoastal CansTurDucKen.comLancaster Oncology Hematology Carethe Porch, and Gator Outfitters.

A Dynamic Of Unity

When asked where their inspiration and motivation comes from, Michelle Parker (the brand's co-owner and art director) had this to say; "We're intense listeners, watchers and analyzers. When we meet with a client the creative sparks start firing almost immediately. We can't explain it, but ideas just seem to form quickly and we're able to take immediate action. The team we have in place works well because each member was very carefully selected. We're not just hiring designers to push out work like a factory. I liken our team members to the fingers on a single hand—an artist's hand—and we're using the dynamic of that unity to be efficient and creative at the same time. Our clients appreciate the quality, speed and affordability of our services and that motivates us to continually sharpen our edge internally. When it comes to competition in the Lake Charles advertising market, we compete most aggresively against ourselves."

You can learn more about the Lake Charles advertising agency by enjoying this website, or you can follow their creative work through a variety of social networks like FacebookTwitter,Google+ and Pinterest.


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