A Parker Pal Double Up.

Parker Pal Is Still Mugging Around.

You want a Parker Pal and we want you to have one. Putting this blaze orange oddity on your desk is as easy as having an eye on locations around our local cities. Each week we'll post a picture of a Parker Pal perched in a variety of key locations around Southwest Louisiana. Give us your best guess using the comment area below. Guess once. Guess twice. Guess as many times as you like. All of the correct answers will be put into a randomizer and a winner will be chosen and announced on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages. We'll ship your personal advertising liaison to you, pronto. Simple. Fun. Easy.

It's Bonus Time!

The winner of this Parker Pal will also receive one of these great Parker Brand Creative Services hand-thrown clay mugs, lovingly crafted by the fine folks a Deneen Pottery. Deneen provided the perfect colors to suit our brand, and the quality of their craftsmanship shows in each of these wonderful pieces. So, look hard at Parker Pal's pic below, then leave your best guest in the comment form. Cheers!

Parker Brand Creative Mugs Deneen Pottery

Give us your best guess below.

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