Win a Parker Pal. Go ahead. Win it.

Avoid the sayers. Hire the doers.

The world of advertising has its fair share of "experts" that want your business—scratch that—they want your money. From one end of the spectrum to the other, there's no shortage of neckties, smiling faces and hand shakes that will tell you their particular arm of the media is the very best way to get your message to your potential customers. That's not what we're here for. We're a "big picture" creative team that built on the truth of advertising, not the pie-in-the-sky promises or ad-babble shoveled out by bloated advertising agencies. Our job is to look at every piece of the puzzle, including your budget, and help put the best combination of media tools together so they can work in unison, building your brand recognition while putting your marketing investment back in the bank.

What is Parker Pal? It's your personal advertising liaison.

We're not your typical creative advertising team. We don't want your advertising dollars to be a flash in the pan. We're not after our media commission. We want to work and work hard; that means putting your advertising to work as well. We want a measurable result for your business as badly as you do; it's critical that you see the needle move in the right direction. Our team is here to help and this "Parker Pal" blog is one way to do that. Just look at it as your personal advertising liaison. This is where we'll pull back the advertising curtain and give you the hard-boiled truth on making your media dollars more effective. Whether we're giving our unique brand of advice, providing tips, or just sharing our thoughts on creativity in general, the Parker Pal purpose is to change the way you think about advertising. The more you know, the faster we can align all of our resources to get you a better, more efficient result.

Something useful. Something fun. Something orange :)

Business and advertising can be a fast pace world of run-run creative and tooth-skin deadlines, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a fun place to work. That's why we want to put a Parker Pal on your desk. We want you to remember to take it lite (when you can), have fun, crack a smile, and when the stress of business has you feeling on edge you can give Parker Pal a squeeze or a flick (don't worry... it'll bounce back). His face and our brand will be there, encouraging you to visit for a dose of that truth we mentioned.

How do you get a Parker Pal? Keep reading...

You want a Parker Pal and we want you to have one. Putting this blaze orange oddity on your desk is as easy as having an eye on locations around our local cities. Each week we'll post a picture of a Parker Pal perched in a variety of key locations around Southwest Louisiana. Give us your best guess using the comment area below. Guess once. Guess twice. Guess as many times as you like. All of the correct answers will be put into a randomizer and a winner will be chosen and announced on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages. We'll ship your personal advertising liaison to you, pronto. Simple. Fun. Easy.

Where is Parker Pal perched this week?

Give us your best guess below.

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