Thoughts on Creative Partnering

Oran Parker
Oran Parker

Markets, whether they be local, national, or global, all have their own sets of vendors and craftsmen that creative companies call on, as well as their own native creative agencies. The competitive nature of business being what it is, you can choose to protect your sources, becoming a bit of an island unto your self, or you can share the load and tap into the collective creativity of the market you operate in.


Going forward, it's important that I be clear about the Parker Brand position on collective creativity. I choose to create partnerships, and since I am my brand, and my brand is my bond, that means Parker Brand Creative Services does too. I've reflected on this idea of collective creativity often, and perhaps it is one of the reasons that I've never truly settled into the typical medium-market agency world. In my experience it doesn't leave you open to work with the pool of creative individuals and companies that exist in your market. It locks you into the same team, the same style, the same thoughts, and the same methods of doing things, unless of course you're willing to break boundaries, which is never an easy thing.

What happens when you change your mind and open the door to new possibilities? What happens when you stop seeing your competition as competition, but instead see them as potential partners? What happens when you share the load, and the wealth, so that everyone gets to participate? What happens when your enemy is no longer your enemy, and instead becomes a dependable resource?


This is a difficult path to take, to be sure. It's not the way we normally do things. In fact, it does seem to go against the grain of doing business, especially in a small market. Still, I can't help but be willing to at least attempt to take this path and see where it leads. Perhaps, in the end, I'll look back and find these thoughts on creative partnership to be idealistic and silly. I have that thought, and yet I'll take the Parker Brand down that road anyway.


Whether wrong or right, I believe each of us is born with a specific nature, and no matter what shapes you in life, that inborn nature will eventually drive you, using all of the experiences you've had to shape your future. I've never moved forward quietly, refusing to let trends, or tides lay their paws on my head. No, I prefer to always look for a different path, often questioning my own thoughts and actions. It's that inborn nature that drives me, and it is that same passion that will fuel the Parker Brand into new territory.


The Parker Brand will build on existing relationships, open doors, and seek out new creative partnerships, always looking to elevate all of the creative individuals involved. The pay-off will mean more resources, a higher quality of work, and an ever evolving outlook towards advertising and creativity in general.


Who knows? Perhaps the wrong way will end up being the right way. Regardless, Parker is my brand. My brand is my bond. This is the way I do things.


-Oran Parker

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